Monday, June 26, 2006

The resume: She is done

No, it's not earth-shattering, but it feels pretty good to have it finished. And my cover letter. That's done too. Now I just have to have pre-interviews with 3 VPs, interview everyone on my team, reach out to the 11 Regional Trainers and their bosses so that they can all tell me what they want me to be doing, then take AAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL of the info I gather from all of those meetings and interviews and phonecalls, and use it to build my vision statement and action plan for the team. Oh, and then there's the interview itself.

At my company, our interviews are group interviews, meaning it's the interviewee (victim) sitting in the room with the interviewing panel (firing squad). I've been through 3 of these interviews during my time at this company. But I've sat on the interview panel for so many, I've totally lost track. The most brutal one I ever participated involved about 20 people on the panel. It was for a new VP of Marketing, and everyone from the company founder/CEO to...well...underlings like me were involved. It was super fucked. The panel's table was shaped like a "U", and the poor bitches/bastards interviewing had a chair set up in the middle of the "U," and they just had to sit there and take it. But I've been involved in many others before and since that one, and they ALL make me cringe for the poor interviewee. And that's gonna be me. Yuck.

You know what I think I'm gonna do for reals though? I'm not sure when this sucker is going to be scheduled. I'm guessing the interview will happen early in the 2nd week of July. But after it's over, I think I'm going to take a day or two off and just chill. Go have a massage. See a movie or two. Go to Deep Eddy. Get my car cleaned up. Maybe have another massage. I get myself all wound up about this kind of crap, so it only makes sense that I would need to unwind, right?

On another note, for now, the Geej's bedtime issues seem to have subsided. I know it's temporary, but damn, I'm grateful. We've altered our night-night routine slightly, and she's going to bed at 8:30 instead of 8:00, but it's been peaceful for almost a week now, and best of all: no wandering!!

Speaking of The Geej, here's a random, adorable photo of her from when she was 4 1/2 mos. old. Good God, she's always been edible.

Finally: This is my 400th post, people!! Unreal. I can't believe I've kept this thing up as long as I have. I wonder what will be happening for my 500th post. And my 1000th. Hmmm...


La Turista said...

I predict that by your 500th post, you will make or will have already made a BIG announcement ...

Word ver. - "udimth"

I like that. You dimth!

Nap Queen said...

Wowee, that sounds like a grueling process. I wish you the best of luck.

And that is one PRECIOUS kid you have! Dear god, that photo could have come from a magazine.

amamgets said...

Okay Ms. KM, here is my advice on resumes: put your seriously funny and cute blog pic front and center. They need to know they're getting the shit, and appreciate it from the get-go.

What a fun word: get-go!

Mommygoth said...

That is an effing adorable baby!