Monday, July 28, 2008

800th Post!!

And really, it couldn't be more mundane.

This past weekend was fun because it was Geej's gymnastics-themed birthday party featuring 12 wee ones and their parents. I'm happy to say that it was a hit. The kids enjoyed the activities and getting to run around in the a/c jumping and tumbling and whatnot,, and parents enjoyed getting to visit with one another. Other hits besides the actual party itself was the woman hired to make balloon animals and a balloon birthday cake hat (she was AWESOME) and the butterfly shaped cupcake cake from Whole Foods. I'm telling you, when the cake feeding frenzy of little children sets upon you, not having to slice and serve is an added bonus.
That night I got to go for a mini girls' night out with Jaye, Lindsay and my friend Rebecca to see the new production of Mortified. It was all women this time, and two of them were repeats from the November show (disappointing), but there were two women in the show who were fucking hiLARious. Our group of gals got started at Vino Vino, and then went back there after the show. Damn, what a righteous place. Tons of interesting wine, nice light menu offerings, helpful staff and an unpretentious vibe just perfect for chit-chatting.

After MUCH sparkling rose (yes, it's big here too Karla), I almost accepted Lindsay's invitation to partake in some Rock Band, but decided to get my old, tired ass home instead.

Yesterday was spent balancing my checkbook (scary) and signing up for online bill-pay (progressive!). I also washed/vacuumed my car and did a major trip to the grocery store. Typical Sunday fare.

Geej's actual 4th b-day is this Wednesday. Don't worry, she'll have plenty of presents to open on the actual day itself, and she gets to pick where we go for dinner. Knowing her, she'll choose Red Robin, which is actually fine with me.

I guess my other big news is that after my semi-annual trip to the doctor last week, I have been referred to a cardiologist to see to my high blood pressure. It was 170/110 in her office, and yesterday at HEB I took it again, and it was 160/101. Not good, people. I've GOT to figure out a way to deal with my stress and get this damn blood pressure to go down or I'm headed straight to Stroketown, USA.

I'm a chubby, middle-aged, hypertensive stressball. Try not to envy me too much.


SUS said...

That was a freakin' awesome party! Lucy had such a great time. Happy birthday Geej!

hotpinksox said...

Didn't the Geej hate Red Robin at one point in her life?