Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from down over there.

I have many tales and photos from our trip. Actually, more photos than tales because our trip was the dictionary definition of uneventful. Which is a GOOD thing and absolutely what I needed.

Texas is very big and very beautiful. Where we were is the geographic and natural antithesis of all things Pine Curtain-esque, but it is still so very Texan and, because of this, comfortable. People there will be friendly if you want them to, but will utterly leave you alone if you'd like for that to be the case, and not think you're uppity or aloof for even one minute.

If this trip taught me anything it is that I am so tightly wound most of the time, that it actually requires effort for me to relax. I mean to just chill the hell out and be comfortable with nothing on the day's agenda. That is much harder than I ever imagined it would be. And just when I start to get into the groove of it, it's time to come back to reality and wind back up.

More tomorrow, lambs.

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