Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things are about to change.

I've got a confession to make: when it comes to Texas, I've never been west of Llano. I mean, yes, I've been to the panhandle. Twice. But the panhandle is its own thing. West Texas is like a whole other country, with high deserts, mountains, canyons, and miles and miles of nothingness. It's what people who've never been to Texas think of when they think of Texas. And I've never been there.
Where we're going will change this.

In Austin, it is humid and sticky and--at the same time--bone dry. Hotter than hell with no rain to help break the monotony of the dog days. Even at nearly 10pm, it's still 86 degrees outside. The place where we're going? It gets down into the 50s each night.

BH and I haven't been alone with each other--sans kids--in...well, it's been a while. Where we're going, we're going to be alone. Blissfully alone with each other.

No agenda and no plans other than let's just get there.
Marfa, here we come.*
*Potential evildoers: Don't bother. We have a house-sitter, an alarm, and a vicious dog.


Lee said...

I know West Texas (the corner of it to which you're heading) quite well. My family vacationed out there pretty much every summer when I was a kid. E-mail me if you'd like any tips.

Here's one: As long as you're in Marfa and you want to beat the heat, head a few miles north (and by "a few," I mean 57, which is a really short distance out there) to Balmorhea State Park. It has a Barton Springs-like natural swimming pool, a literal oasis in the desert. It's magnificent.

Karla May said...

We already had Balmoreah on the agenda. Remember: BH works for TX Parks and Wildlife, so he knows ALL about the state park system. He's good to have around for that kind of stuff...

hotpinksox said...

you are going to love it.