Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thing's that drive me crazy.

All of these sign's were encountered during our trip this past weekend.

In Fort Stockton. I think this is a wee bit insensitive give the history of Native Americans and alkeehol.

These restroom's were in the Fort Stockton K-Bob's Steakhouse, which is also home to the "Biggest Salad Wagon in West Texas." Yee haw!!

Again, Fort Stockton. I definitely need to send this into the Punctuation Blog.

And finally, lest you think it's just a small town penchant for incorrect and unnecessary punctuation that I discovered during my travels, check this out:

Yep. That signage was produced by our very own Texas Department of Transportation.

Somebody needs to take some classes's or something.

1 comment:

Keetha said...

I think some people think quotation marks are decorative.

The random 's I can't explain. Oh, wait - they're stupid.