Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In which I am hemorrhaging money

In the span six weeks (ending 8/1…hopefully), I will have had a lot more green going out than coming in. Cases in point:

  • Full July tuition for Geej’s school despite the fact that the school’s only open until the 25th
  • Tuition for 2 weeks of Gymnastics camp (while school is closed during late July/August…really don’t know what I’m going to do for the other two weeks…)
  • Full August tuition for Geej's school despite the fact that the school will only be open for one week in August. Oh, and tuition's going up for the 08/09 school year, dontcha know.
  • Deposit for Geej’s b-day party--including a dude making balloon animals, people!! (balance to be paid on the 26th)
  • Birthday presents
  • Deck cleaning/sealing (labor + 5 cans of sealant at $27/can)
  • 6-month car insurance premium
  • Quarterly Costco run (toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, Kleenex, paper towels, etc.)
  • Deposit on wedding venue (that’s right fools! We finally landed on a date and place! I’m so happy!)
  • Long weekend road trip to Marfa (gas, lodging, food, commemorative koozies, etc.)
So yeah. I’m not what you would call “rolling in dough” at the moment. Sigh.

And speaking of depressing stuff, will SOMEONE please explain this to me? If you can truly claim "executive privilege" for shit like this, my question is what CAN'T you weasel out of by pulling "executive privilege" out of your ass? If I look up "executive privilege" in a thesarus, does the phrase "above the law" appear? Absolutely nauseating. I guess he and his band of evil flying monkeys are going to be able to leave Washington in January without having to answer to any of their chicanery. Yeah, I said "chicanery."

Now, to lighten the mood, here's a picture of a smiling puppy I swiped from Cute Overload. I swear, sometimes that website is the only thing that keeps me from jumping off a cliff:

Yay! Puppies!!

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