Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You KNOW you want it

A bullet-pointed update from moi:
  • The trip to the Pine Curtain went fine.
  • Except that on the way out of Austin we got stuck in an hour's worth of traffic and somewhere between Temple and Waco we got stuck in traffic--again--due to an accident
  • So the entire trip--which without a bunch of stops and traffic takes about 4.5 hours--took about 6.5 hours.
  • And The Geej never fell alseep or stopped talking. Not even once.
  • It was muggy and green in east Texas--the opposite of what it's like here. Except for the muggy part.
  • We stayed with BH's dad, Gramps, who lives on a lake.
  • Saturday was BH's brother's birthday.
  • And we got to go out on the boat.

Chloe (BH's niece), Geej and of course Sally

  • But that wasn't until after I went to the Super Wal-Mart. Y'all know how I feel about Wal-Mart, right? Like, I'd rather have a tooth filled while listening to a Toby Keith album than go to Wal-Mart.
  • But I'd forgotten my toothbrush, Geej's toothbrush, cotton face pads and q-tips, and Wal-Mart was the closest and pretty much only thing near the lake.
  • I somehow survived this ordeal.
  • The lake was fun. We parked the boat and the Geej got to play in the water.

  • And now her swimsuit is pretty much ruined because the lake water up there is sort of brown.
  • Saturday night, it rained and thundered and everything. It was awesome.
  • It rained more on Sunday morning. (Did I mention that everything up there was green and lush?)
  • We packed up and left Gramps's house, only to realize about 25 miles down the road that--GASP--Geej had left Sally (the Alpha Baby, pictured above) behind.
  • Much crying and sobbing ensued.
  • We called Gramps and asked if he could mail Sally to us. He said yes. Thank God...
  • We stopped and had lunch in Kilgore with my elderly Aunt Mary Lois and Uncle Ray.
  • They are really sweet, but really getting up there.
  • They were each other's first date (in 1940), and have been married since 1941.
  • We ate at a post-church hotspot that had a buffet.
  • Everything on the buffet was from the same color family--chicken fingers, fried chicken, chicken fried steaks, beef tips and rice, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas, green beens (more brown than green, really), and carrots.
  • The Geej slept some on the way back to Austin. Not much, but some.
  • I had to pull the car over--twice--because she was acting like a jerk.
  • God, I hope 4 is easier than 3 has been.
  • Which reminds me: her birthday is in 28 days, and I have no idea what to do party-wise.
  • And she's expecting something cool.
  • Speaking of cool, we got REALLY good gas mileage on our road trip. But now my car is FILTHY with about 1 billion dead bugs on the windshield.
  • Another cool thing? Sally arrived in the mail yesterday, safe and sound.
  • And we're going to watch Dah march in a 4th of July parade on Friday. I may pee my pants.
  • Then Saturday, we're going over to a friend's house to watch their neighborhood fireworks show which, if it's anything like last year's, will be super cool.


Karla said...

Is Dah marchin' with a plunger? And if so can you send me a picture? PLEASE?

Karla May said...

Yes. Yes she is. And screw photos. I'm gonna YouTube that shit. Now if I could just find a size 3T t-shirt for the Geej that says, "Republicans Suck" for her to wear to the festivities.

Hecticmom Undone said...

Oh - I hate hosting kid birthday parties. Learn from me - anything not in your house is wonderful. Anywhere you don't have to clean and you don't have to clean up and it doesn't matter if crap gets broken. I have held many parties and I have gone to many parties.

Lemme see for 4 years old: Bounce house places ROCK! Little kid gymnastic places ROCK! For a little girl - tea parties places and even if you have places in a mall that will do the girls hair and make up like princesses and/or Hannah Montana ROCK!

Chuck-e-cheese is hard at 4.

Keep it to a hour to an hour and a half.

Ok - that is all my knowledge of 4 year old girl birthday parties.