Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's about time...

...for one of Karla May's famous "Random as all Git Out" posts about nothing and everything. Put your thumb on your mental remote, 'cause we're about to channel surf the deep recesses of my mind.

The Old Cat
Well folks, she's hanging in there. I gotta say, I'm surprised. I mean, if you'd asked me in early April if she was going to see June 1, I would've said no way. But she's just kind of leveled off--not getting any better or worse. And every now and then, she's even a little feisty. So who knows? She may be around for months to come.

The Young Girl
The Geej has been a bedtime dream ever since we moved into this house at the end of November. In our other pier-and-beam 50s hardwoods house, you could hear everything that happened in every room, no matter where you were. The Geej is a light sleeper, so she woke up constantly. I had to walk on eggshells, and it still didn't help. But since moving here--with our concrete slab and carpeted floors and split floorplan--she goes to bed and STAYS asleep like a dream. No tears, no struggle, no midnight crying jags. That is, until about a week ago when she started WAILING LIKE A DEMON FROM HELL every night when she's put to bed. It's messed up. I'm hoping its a phase, but I don't know...

Work has been very interesting the last couple of weeks. Our poor team--who has been leaderless and pretty much directionless forever now--finally got some news about our direction, and it's GOOD news. We're all so relieved. Yours truly has a shitload of work ahead of her, but I welcome it. I think it's all going to result in good things.

Well, as you may have read, my mom and I made up. I gotta tell ya, it was an epic argument. I honestly think it's going to alter the way we communicate with one another from now on. It was intense. But we worked through it. I hope. Now she's off on a trip to Vancouver/Victoria Island that she didn't really want to go on with two other retirees that she refers to as "The Dingbats." I mean, I seriously don't know their names. Anyway, she got there last night, and called me just a-bitchin' about The Dingbats. I swear, sometimes I think she invents these situations precisely so she'll have something to complain about.

Mr. Wonderful
I miss him so bad it hurts. But I get to see him next weekend. Him, and his two boys. And his brother and sister in law. And their two kids. And his mom and stepdad. Who? Me? Nervous? No!

Can I just tell ya'll how much my friend Jaye kicks ass? You can get to her here or here. That bitch motherfucking SHAVED HER HEAD this week. She's giving cancer a big ol' middle finger, and I am in awe of her.

I got my 2" roots and shaggy mane taken care of today. It feels so good to go from skanky to fabulous in just a couple of hours.

My goddamned garage door opener decided to quit working. (I'm so freakin' lazy...)

Earl has woken me up twice in the past week by snoring very loudly. It's so obnoxious. I wake up and am like, "What's that wheezing growly sound?" And then I realize it's him...all lying on his back and shit, taking up 1/2 of my queen size bed. I have to shake him like a fat old drunk to get him to stop. Little bastard.

I am contemplating another tattoo. I'm really sort of craving one. It's weird. I'm researching some designs. I'll keep you posted.

Okay, I know I've got lots more in my brain, but this is it for now.

Nigh, night.

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