Monday, June 05, 2006


You know how when you go on vacation, and you're in a totally new city, but somehow you wind up eating at Chili's? Yeah. Me neither. The idea of that pisses me off. I mean, why the HELL would you do that when you're in a totally new place with totally new things and places to experience?

Which leads me to dreams. (Stay with me now...)

I think of dreams and dreaming as little vacations that your brain gets to go on. Sometimes you go to scary places, sometimes to really cool places, sometimes the places you go are really freakin' trippy, and other times they're like the sexiest places ever. Me-ow! So when dream time is wasted on boring, pedestrian everyday crap, it ticks me off. I've written about this before, actually. But I'm compelled to write about it again because last night I may have had literally the most boring dream anyone's ever had in the history of the planet:

I was at my computer, looking at an excel spreadsheet that someone had e-mailed me. I was going over it carefully, and noticed some information I thought looked fishy. So I picked up the phone, and called the person who'd sent it to me to ask them about it.

That's it.

That's the whole dream.

That's even WORSE than eating at Chili's on vacation. That's like eating at Applebee's.


Jaye Joseph said...

That's worse than eating at Applebee's. That's like eating at On the Border or Don Pablo's in Cancun and thinking you're having a Mexican vacation.

I just realized it's been a while since I've had a dream. Must be the Ambien.

Bookhart said...

I had this STUPENDOUS dream the other night--one of those where you wake up and think, "this could be an AWESOME movie." But then I forgot the key plot.

You should get the day off if you dream about being at work. It's like you never left.