Friday, December 30, 2005


That, my friends, is water pressure. In my kitchen sink. Something I've been wanting badly since the day I moved in. There have been two places--the kitchen sink and the master bath shower--that have had the most piss poor (pun and yucky visual intended) water pressure--that have been driving me nutso. And aren't those the exact two places where you care about water pressure the most? I mean, those and the Turbo Bidet Orgazmo 3000. But I digress.

When the plumber came today to install the toilet (see: "Sweeter," below), I batted my eyes and said, "Well, while you're here, could you tell me what's up with this water pressure...pleeeeeeeze?" The master bath is a more-involved issue (i.e., another day, another several hundred dollars), but I'll be damned if homeboy didn't fix the kitchen sink lickety split. For free. [After today's work, I highly recommend "Clarke Kent" plumbing in Austin. Gay name; Good service;Reasonable price.]


There she is ladies and (probably no) gents (except for stalker): an adult size Kohler toilet that's functional and everything. I love it so much, I could almost kiss it. Almost. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I've been able to #1 or #2 in my bathroom, and I gotta say, this is one sweet ride: tall, long, and luxurious. Me likey.


Holy Mother of God. The Bose soundock for the iPod is SO worth the money. The sound quality is unreal for something so compact. I am seriously considering throwing out my regular old stereo for this mo-fo. I've been listening to it non-stop since I got it, and it rocks so hard, even when it's cranked.

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Paul said...

Ooooooh. Bose.

That beats taking a crap anyday.