Thursday, December 29, 2005

The downward slide.

My 16 year old cat, Ellen (a.k.a. The Ellen Melon, Brownie, Grunchy, etc.), is going downhill fast. It's so hard to watch. She's so bony, and shaky, and still. I've been at home most of the day today, and I can state without a doubt that she has been in the same spot on the guest room bed for at least 10 hours. Hasn't eaten. Hasn't drunk any water. Hasn't peed or pooped. She's just slept and occasionally readjusted her position.

I know the end is near--and by near, I'm not talking this weekend or anything, more like a few months at least. But still, it's very hard to think about her not being a part of my life. She's been with me since the winter of 1990 for Christ's sake. I've had 4 different cars and 9 different addresses during that time, but only 1 Ellen.

I look over at her, sleeping on the bed, and my heart hurts.


Jules said...

You've given Ellen Melon a great life, if I could pick what to come back as, it would be YOUR cat. The single most heartbreaking thing about pets is that we almost always outlive them. Rub her sweet little head for me and give her a Geeg type smack.

Karla said...

Ellen Melon. Sweet, cantankerous, loving cat. I always envision her wearing a flowerdy hat and carry a bag like Queen Elizabeth. Very lady Statesman-like. With an English accent. She's her own gal, and she knows you've giver her a great existence.

I still cry when I think about Beaufort. pets always live on in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love me some Ellen. Have I known her since the beginning? I guess I met her in 1994, when I moved to ATL. I came to visit you in B'ham and fell in love with her, and your Elvis clock. Tuna?! Turkey?! Tell her I love her and see if her tail shakes.


Millardman said...

This makes me sad.