Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Worth every penny.

Here's my new master bathroom before:

Why, I ask you, would anyone put CARPET in a bathroom? Makes exactly no sense. So, after painting the dark-green-shiny-teal bedroom, getting tile installed in the bathroom was the next priority. And here is the result:

Much, much better if I do say so myself. In the process, I also decided to replace my toilet, which was apparently designed for use exclusively by people under 4 ft. tall. That's getting installed today. And then I get to buy towels and bathmats and stuff. Yay!! Merry Christmas to me!!


Badger said...

Woo! It looks awesome. And your bathroom looks huge! I think I had a carpted bathroom in an apartment once, and it always squicked me out.

amamgets said...

New fluffy towels are a very good thing.

Karla said...

that looks great, karla may. really great!