Friday, December 09, 2005

I am going insane.

Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since I moved into my house, and I am so sick of looking at boxes, I could die. It's driving me totally nuts not having everything put away. Even more annoying than the fully packed boxes are the half-unpacked boxes. It is so hard to get anything done. I mean, by the time The Geej has gone off to slumber land, the last thing I want to do is unpack boxes. Instead, all I want to do is veg out and not do ANYthing. I did manage to get my clothes sort of organized this week, which was a big deal. And I hung a few things on the wall. But my "one box a night" goal I set for myself this week has clearly gone by the wayside. It's not just the inside of the house that's bugging me either. Half of the garage is...well...a clusterfuck. There could be an entire family of raccoons living out there for all I know, but I need to deal with the box situation IN the house before I move it outside. If I get the house boxes done by the end of this weekend, it will feel like I've accomplished something. I swear, I'm having the world's biggest garage sale next month. I gotta purge.

The other thing that's driving me crazy? No internet at home yet. I got all the equipment I need to get hooked up, and I plan to work on that tonight after Her Royal Geejness goes to sleep. I am pretty stupid when it comes to technical stuff, so who knows how that will all go. If I get up and running, I'll post later tonight. If there's no post, then you know I'm sitting on the floor looking at a bunch of wires with a confused/slightly retarded look on my face, cussing. Until then...

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