Monday, December 12, 2005

Little by little.

The new house is slowly coming together. Yes, half-unpacked boxes still plague me, but I'm making progress. Sort of.

Case in point:

Here's the guest room before I moved in--

I only wish this photo did justice to the godawful "why in the Hell would ANYONE ever paint ANYTHING this dark, high-gloss teal" color that was actually going on in there. It was just so icky. And shiny. And dark. It gave me the creeps and made the room look itty bitty. But now...

Ahhh. SO much better.

As I type this, there are tile dudes at my house installing tile on the floor of the master bath, which until now, was covered in carpet. Again: Why? Who puts carpet in the bathroom. Talk about icky...

Next up after the tile (and after the holidays): New back door.

Now, back to unpacking...

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