Saturday, December 10, 2005

SBC Yahoo DSL Sucks Donkey.

I think the "DSL" stands for: Dick. So Lame. And I thought RoadRunner was bad... Whaaaaaaaaaah!

I could write a 10 page long rant about the whole DSL hook up thing, but I'm not going to b/c I am at work on a Saturday, and I want to get the hell outta dodge. Why am I here? To check on a work-email that I was supposed to receive by the "end of day" yesterday and never did. And I don't want to be at work. But I had to because I have NO FUCKING INTERNET AT HOME because Yahoo sucks.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hey do you have Clearwire wireless in Austin? I have it here in Jacksonville and it works great. You don't plug in anything. The modem is wireless and it talks to big antennaes somewhere. I got it because I will do anything in the world to destroy BellSouth Fast Access DSL. They are horrible people who work for the Devil. You should look into avoiding your own devil-DSL company.


amamgets said...

Okay, so they showed up, hooked you up, and now there's nothing? You should have had at least 24 hours before the Windows and SBC demons started their war.

I wish I could 'see' the problem. You could try and describe it, and we could all give you different opinions on how to fix it, which could really screw things up.
Then again, it might just work.

My word ver. today is 'jrngixuu'. Well, jrngixuu to you, too!