Sunday, January 01, 2006

THIS is how much The Geej loves her grandmother (whom she calls "Dah").

Oh look. It's a picture of me and Dah. Sigh. I sure do love Dah.
Perhaps I should take a closer look. Yep. That's me and Dah alright. Gosh I love her...

I miss her. I wish she were here with me. Maybe if I hold it close to my face, I'll feel like I'm closer to my Dah.

Oh screw it! I'm just gonna kiss all over this thing. I LOVE MY DAH, and I don't care who knows it!!!


amamgets said...

She is a cream puff. Don't you wanna grab her and love her up?

Plus, she's obviously quite bright. Lovin' the Dah-- this is a good thing to do. Grandmamas take you shopping, and bake you stuff, and whatever else you want.

Badger said...

Too. Effin'. CUTE!