Sunday, January 29, 2006

Three more years 'til 40!

As I type this, I am mere moments away from the clock striking twelve and it officially being January 30th, my birthday. My thirty-fucking-seventh birthday. Yay.

I'm so happy I could cry.

Despite the fact that I had one ROCKIN' ASS party last night (thanks for showing up everyone!! I've got so much wine/booze/beer/cheese left over, that I'm going to have to call an emergency deck sitting/happy hour thing very, very soon), and despite the fact that I'm very, very happy with my current situation in life, this birthday is still hitting me. Hard. Like Coyote-hit-by-an-ACME-anvil hard. Whatever the reason, it's not a date I've been looking forward to. I guess I have no choice but to suck it up and see what lies ahead.

In the meantime, here's a little birthday gift I gave myself earlier today. That shmutz on her face? Guacamole. Leftover party guacamole for dinner. I AM the Mother of the Year.


Karla said...

Hey beeyotch. 37 was hard for me too.
Though I sense 38 sucking pretty hard too.

Keep your chin up.....we are all in this together. And no matter what happens, you are always gonna be younger than me!

Amy said...

I think your ten-year-old self would be hella proud of you.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Happy Birthday.

laura said...

34 was hard for me, and the rest since then (hint: 7 of 'em) have been easy as pie with gravy. So here's hoping 37 was the hard one for you, and the next 7 make you feel like you're 7 years old again.

Badger said...

Dude! Happy for real Birthday!

And I turn 40 this year, so ... yeah.