Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No he's NOT!

I took Earl to the vet the other week for his annual check up, and a new doctor who I'd never seen did the exam. This doctor, whose name is Dr. Morfin (pronounced "Morphine," by the way), told me that my sweet baby boy is obese and needs to lose "at least 3 pounds." Um, excuse me? Earl's head is the size of a grapefruit, and his paws are as big as my fist. He's a BIG fucking cat. Plus he's lost 2 pounds since last year's visit--down to 16 from 18--and THAT doctor didn't say anything about him needing to lose weight. And he certainly didn't call him obese.

Look at him: He's just a big, orange boy.

Fuck you, Dr. Morfin.


amamgets said...

That boy is positively svelte. Later today I'll post a picture of Neo, so you can show the mean doc what a REAL obese cat looks like.

My word today is BOJNVFUK. Enough said.

amamgets said...

Okay, go see Miss Thing-- and show her picture to Earl. They are a matched set.

Jules said...

Well, Kettle, I think that guy stuck his head up a horse's ass in vet school...