Monday, January 09, 2006

Thursday and Saturday, September 15 & 17, 1983

[Modern-day commentary in blue.]

Well, tonight was our first game to march at. [I played French horn. I was an uber band goob.] I guess we did alright. I don't know why, but I really want our band to be good. It's important to me. [See?! I told you!!] After the 9th grade games, I stayed after and worked at the concession stand until about 9:30 for the J.V. game.
I'm really getting nervous about tomorrow night. I never feel right about sneaking around behind Mom's back. I'l probably go through with it anyway. [Hmmm...what did Karla May have up her sleeve?] I think I might be starting to like Scott Taylor, but I'm not really sure.

Last night was really a romp!! [Yes, that's actually what I wrote. God, I was a fucking dork!!] At about 6:30, I got mom's car and went and got Traci Bridges, we went riding around for about 1 hour and then we went & picked up Lisa, Tammie and Kim at Lisa's. [So THAT'S what I had up my sleeve! This was the first of many times I snuck the car out. In fact, I was so damn sneaky, I'd managed to get my own set of keys made. Mom never knew.] Went everywhere. Dropped Lisa's group off at Showbiz [Pizza, a Chuck E. Cheese knock off we all used to hang out at and around] at 9:30. Went and got gas. Came home at about 10:30. Mom called from Shreveport at about 11:30, so we went back out until 12:15. Didn't get caught. WHEW!!


amamgets said...

You might not have liked me in ninth grade. I was out back smoking cigarettes. No band-- I was in the Latin Club. We were pretty damn geeky until lunchtime, when we jumped into the priest's kid'd car and smoked pot. Then we were stoned Latin geeks.

Bookhart said...

I burned--that's right--burned my jr. high diary a few years back. It was just too, too depressing.

Pod did the band geek thing. I was a drama nerd. (And also out back smoking cigarettes).