Friday, January 20, 2006

So Ashamed.(The first in an endless series...)

I have the MAJOR hots for Justin Timberlake. I know, I know...It's so plebian and junior high and retarded. But I don't fucking care. I went out and bought "Justified" (at Waterloo, no less) the day of its release (I later lost this copy, and replaced it with a copy purchased from Target b/c I was waaaaaaaaaay too embarrassed to deal with Waterloo), and learned listened to it CRANKED in my station wagon with a regularity that would've embarrassed the most loyal 14 yr. old.

If he doesn't come out with a new album soon, I may die.

I am so ashamed.


littlemissme said...

It took me a moment to recognize him...he looks kinda hot in that picture.

Okay. He looks very hot. When Ashton Kutcher punk'd him a few years ago, and he started tearing up in frustration, I got a little crush. Or maybe the one I had on him when he was on MMC just blossomed.

Ahem. I understand, is all I'm saying.

Karla said...

Rich pointed out that maybe your Justin obsession could be tied to the fact that he kinda looks like your prom date...hmm?