Thursday, July 13, 2006


I got a wild hair up my butt and went and bought some new glasses. "BFD," you say. Well yes, it is. I haven't gotten any new glasses since spring of 2001, so I figured, I'm due. I went and picked them up today, and I'm SO in love with them. I look totally smart when I wear them. Like the brainy chick in the back of the class that knows shit about trig or physics or something.


La Turista said...

Well aren't you the little hipster? I'm in the market too, ya know, so I'd keep an EYE on those if I were you. Yuk yuk.

Badger said...

DUDE! I LOVE them! I can totally picture you in those, too. Sex-ay!

I have an eye exam tomorrow and I'm SO hoping my prescription has changed so I have an excuse to get new glasses. Of course, all the really kewl ones make me look like a bug, which sucks.

amamgets said...

I LOVE those glasses! It's been about that long since my last pair. Now I'm all inspired and stuff.

Did you save all your old glasses? That would be a funny blog. Hmmm.

Karla said...

Me likey.

But you ALWAYS look like the smart girl in the back of the class....the sexy, cool smart girl that i would sit next to cuz I know you'd be fun to party with.... and I could totally steal your class notes.

HollowSquirrel said...

LOVE the glasses. Sassy, sexy glasses rock.