Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not much to report, really.

The Geej is in a really good phase right now, being extra funny and cute and scrumptious. Although the Teletubbies drive me insane, they have taught her to say "Big Hug!" while giving me a hug and a kiss to die for. So damn precious.

Work is manageable. I'm almost done with all of my pre-interview chats with the various "stakeholders" scattered around my company. I've spoken with 20+ people, and next week I have to sit down and sythesize everything I've heard and learned into some sort of cohesive vision for this team. Whew. Lots and lots of work ahead, my friends.

I've got just TWO MORE DAYS until Mr. Wonderful gets here for his nice, long visit. I am beyond excited. Not just to see him (duh), but also for him to get to spend some more time with The Geej. He only got to hang out with her for a couple of hours during his two previous visits, so I can't wait to see her really warm up to him and for them to enjoy each other. He likes kids, and his two boys are long past the nearly-two-year-old phase. Geej is hardly ever around men. So the whole thing should be entertaining to witness.

Due to Mr. Wonderful's visit, I'll be taking off of work Thursday afternoon, Friday, and the following Monday. The timing's kind of wonky, but I sure do need a break from this place. And to get to spend it with the man I love? Total gravy.

Hotter than flippin' hell here for the past few days. Yesterday, the outside thermometer on my car read 107 when I left work. Yowzah. And it's dry too. Everything is crispy. I absolutely hate this time of year.

Today I turned out of a parking lot going the wrong way on a one-way street, right into oncoming traffic. Brilliant. Especially considering that I drive down this street (the correct way) EVERY SINGLE DAY when I leave work. Sometimes my own dingbat-ness alarms me.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report next time.

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Mommygoth said...

Can't wait to hear how the visit goes. Also glad to hear that around this age there are 'good' phases with toddlers, because mine is about to put me up a tree.