Saturday, July 01, 2006

Overheard on their first date:

Danger Boy: live in south Austin? What is that like?
The Geej: Oh, it's cool. I have a tree painted on the wall in my room.
Danger Boy: That sounds nice. I've got a playscape at my house.
The Geej: Really!? Does it have a slide?
Danger Boy: Oh yeah.
The Geej: Awesome.

Awkward pause.

The Geej: So, you like juice?
Danger Boy: Oh yeah! All kinds! Apple. White Grape. I've even tried cranberry!
The Geej: Me too!

Awkward pause.


Mama Malcontent said...

Danger Boy: So... After dinner do you want to take a bath?

The Geej: Uh. I guess so.

Awkward Pause.

amamgets said...

Damn they're cute. I want to swoop in and hug them during an Awkward Pause.

Jaye Joseph said...

In my head, I'm totally hearing Danger Boy as Stewie. And I've met DB, so I know he's nothing like Stewie, but still. It's funny. Try it.

Jules said...

Yeah, flash forward to 1st grade and your daughter being the only one that had the nads to not just ask but get a FIFTH GRADE BOY to sign her yearbook... natch.

The girls that work in the after school program said that I should be glad that said boy is going to middle school next year- as he's already considered a "bad boy".... just HOW much do bars on all the windows cost?