Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, THAT sucked.

I just finished administering my first IV-saline dosing to Ellen. I've got a big bag of saline like you see hanging around most hospital beds and a supply of big ass needles with which to dose her. I found out (after plunking down $350 at the vet on Friday) that she's lost 2.5 lbs. since October (and she was only 8 lbs. to start with, so that's a significant percentage of her overall weight), her kidneys are in full shut down mode, she's dangerously dehydrated, anemic, and basically staring the kitty reaper in the face. But in an effort to at least make her more comfortable, I'm going to be giving her 150 ml of saline every other night. Sticking a needle in your cat isn't fun, but she handled it like a pro. Only after about 3 minutes of letting the drip do its thing did she start to squirm. Who can blame her, really? Now she looks like a camel, with a big hump of water on her shoulder. It will dissipate, but still, she looks weird.

Let's see, what else...

The Geej was slightly feverish and C-R-A-N-K-Y this weekend. There was some murky snot going on too, so I'm thinking she has a bit of a cold. This evening, she seemed back to her old self, but her mood all weekend made the only 2 things I wanted to do--a play date with her boyfriend, George and a trip to the Austin Record Convention--not happen. Add to that that it was muggy and gross outside, and I'd say this weekend sort of sucked.

While shopping at Whole Foods today I saw the following:

  • A teenaged girl with her mom. The girl was wearing FULL ON pajamas, and was braless to boot. It was noon. What a fucking brat.
  • A couple having a MASSIVE argument in the dairy aisle. She slammed the cart into the cold case and just made the biggest scene. The guy was mortified.
  • A guy in the paper towel aisle just drinking a beer, like it was the most normal thing in the world. When I sort of looked at him, he said, "Hair of the dog."

It's now 9:22 (thanks, time change!), and I'm sitting down to do, you guessed it, work. I am in what you would call a foul, foul mood.


Badger said...

Aw, I'm so sorry about your kitty. My parents had to do the IV thing with one of their dogs, which I have to believe is 1,000 times easier than doing it with a cat.

Wait, did I just say "doing it with a cat"? I apologize in advance for the google searches that will net you.

Oh, and I can totally tell you go to a different Whole Foods than I do because mine is filled with yuppie assholes who never do anything fun. If anyone in *my* WF was walking around drinking a beer, it would be some pretentious microbrew thing and he'd be wearing loafers with no socks.

Kristen said...

So sorry about Ellen.

Now, about the beer thing, I was walking with baby in stroller at 8:15 this morning and a guy at the end of my street was drinking a Miller Genuine Draft in the bed of his truck in his driveway. Then, I went to Maria's for a taco and they had a band. Weird damn morning.

amamgets said...

Wait, which kitty? I thought the kitty was Earl. Of course, you could be multi-kittied, like me. Either way I feel for you.

So next time you're headed to WF I'll go at the same time, and we'll blog later about all the weird people and MAYBE we'll cross-comment! I totally coulda been me there today, but the thing is I wasn't there, at least I think I wasn't there...

Bookhart said...

Aw, jeez, I'm sorry about Miss Ellen. I know you're doing the very best job you can to make her comfortable.

Weekends with a sick toddler are just about the worst.

Nap Queen said...

Oh no! What's going on with your cat? We have a cat that is sick, but the vet can't figure out what is going on. She's down to 8 pounds) from over 10 and she throws up all the time.

I wish things like that would happen when I go to WF. I did see an orange man eating at the raw foods bar one time. Seriously. He was orange. Like an Oompa Loompa.