Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick before and after...

...and then, in the master bath, she replaced the fixtures in both sinks.

At first, they looked like this:

You know 'em: the garden variety, bargain basement sink fixtures that were in every apartment you ever lived in?

And now (cue the harp with the "voila!" music):

How can something this small make such a difference in the appearance of the entire room?


Badger said...

Gorgeous! That is almost exactly the fixture we want to put in our downstairs bath. The faucet will be longer and more spouty-looking, but those are the same handles. I LOVE that style of bathroom fixture.

Karla said...

dude i totally know. The two things that i have done to my house that I am happiest with are changing the bathroom fixtures and changing the door and drawer handles in the kitchen. Such a small thing can have a huge impact. You go girl!

amamgets said...

DAMN girl-- it makes a huge difference because it's sleek and shiny and functional and lacking craggy spaces to get bits of dirt stuck in-- and it's not fake crystal builder-barf.

So, good job!