Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fuck you,

I am WAY too old and tired to spend 25 minutes writing a cool post with pictures and everything, just to have you get "hung up" during posting, then shut down, only to have my post lost. This is like the 4th or 5th time this has happened, at least. I'm serious. Cut that shit out.

See what I have to resort to? A fucking meme. As if anyone cares...

I AM: Confused, most of the time.
I WANT: Health, peace and happiness for myself and those whom I love--especially my mom and daughter.
I WISH: So many things...but the most persistent is to get to a place where stress doesn't eat away at me every minute of the day.
I HATE: People who are unwilling to take responsibility for their fuckups, blissful ignorance, and Toby Keith.
I MISS: My dad and my Grandma.
I FEAR: Implosion.
I HEAR: The word "Mommy" at least 600 times a day.
I WONDER: What my life would be like right now if I'd never left Austin in 1994.
I REGRET: 90% of the guys I ever slept with.
I AM NOT: As "together" as people might imagine.
I DANCE: Despite the fact that I know how bad I am at it.
I CRY: When I hear really beautiful harmonies, and when I am really mad/tired.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As cranky as I am right now. I promise.
I MAKE: A really good martini and kick ass guacamole.
I WRITE: Less than I'd like.
I CONFUSE: Sevens and nines. Always have. I almost can't tell them apart--it's like a very specific type of dyslexia.
I NEED: Will power. And a maid, about every other week.
I SHOULD: Start doing yoga again.
I START: Every morning saying, "Good morning, Baby Bird!" to The Geej.
I FINISH: Each night, amazed by how much my body aches despite the fact that I've done no actual "exercise."


La Turista said...

So glad you enjoyed the meme. Anything else I can do to irritate you? Here you go - "BUUULBOUS."

Karla said...

I just spent the better part of an hour posting pcis and stories about my recent travels and blogger is stuck on the publish part where the little circle goes round and round but it still says 0% published? I fucking HATE that.

I mean, blogger is free and all, so I can't complain as much as if I paid for it, but DAMN!Creativity, time and energy wasted when i could have been dancing to iTunes....

Jules said...

I know that story... and let me add "GELATINOUS" to the hurl inducing mix.

Buy your own dot com. It's cheap and you have someone to bitch at-besides yourself.