Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some things are NEVER okay.

Wearing overalls without a shirt on underneath if you're a 48-ish male with HUGE man-tits and the biggest pregnant-looking belly ever.

Using the term "finger bang."

Not flushing an operational toilet in a public restroom after you've used it. I don't care if you're paranoid about germs and don't want to touch the handle. I don't want to see your turd!

Throwing your cigarette butts out of your car window. It's littering and it fucking sucks. Don't do it, asshole.

Talking on your cellphone while you're checking out at a cash register. It makes you seem like you don't think the people waiting on you are actual human beings.

Giving a shit about Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes.

Not telling me the iced tea I've ordered is a "flavored" peach hibiscus or some such shit. Tell me so that I don't nearly puke when I take that first sip expecting good ol' normal iced tea.

Not telling me if I've got pepper or spinach or something stuck in my teeth.

Tube tops.


amamgets said...

'finger bang'? holy shit, girl-- anyone who says that's gotta be taken out back and shot.

add on:

old ladies who don't want to sit on the toilet seat, so they squat-- WITHOUT RAISING THE SEAT! bad old ladies! bad!

Badger said...

I have never even heard the phrase "finger bang", and I'm not entirely sure I want to know what it means. I mean, it doesn't mean what I THINK it means, does it? Because EEEWWWWWW!

Ohmigawd, the word verification is trying to KILL ME DEAD. Here's hoping I get it on the first try.

Bookhart said...

Overalls with no shirt on underneath is a "no" even if you don't have man boobs. In my opinion.

My word verification? "poygg." A happy, happy word.

Jaye Joseph said...

Ha ha ha ha. Finger Bang. I said it. And I'm going to say it again. Over and over.

And I told you to stop making fun of me when I wear my overalls. Dudes like it, all right?

My word verification: qgdqd

Jules said...

Funny. I made blog notes on things that were bugging me lately too.

1. Having giant letters across the ass of your pants. I don't care what it says, you look stupid.

2. Sprinklers on WHILE it's raining!

And my word is "psnqhats", so some kind of wack hats are apparently pissing me off too.

Nap Queen said...

The cell phone thing should be a crime, as should getting in my body bubble whilst standing in line. I swear, this woman at the post office today was standing 2 inches behind me. Not nearly enough space between me and her breath.