Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scenes from this weekend.

Let me start this post out by stating the obvious: Sometimes, being a single mom sucks donkey. It's utterly exhausting, totally stressful, and full of frustration. However, there are days, like yesterday, that are pretty damn cool. Just you and your main squeeze, hanging out and enjoying the day.

First, there was our maiden trip on the Zilker Zephyr, which was pretty damn cool.

The Geej pretty much came unglued and tried to leave the moving train every time she saw a "dog-dog," which was about every 30 seconds or so, but other than that, it was golden. In reality, she just sat there and soaked it in for most of our journey--sitting right beside me, all big, holding her sippy cup. And I kept thinking, "Man, how cool is it going to be to get to grow up in Austin! There is so much fun ahead of us!"

During our trip through the park we noticed that a) there were shitloads of triplets about because there was some picnic gathering of folks with triplet kids, from about age 5 down to newborn. At first it was kind of cute, then it got a bit creepy as they stood there in threes, dressed just alike, slowly waving at the passing train. It was sort of like that creepy twin scene in "The Shining," but with one more kid. and b) it seemed that every picnic table that wasn't taken up with triplets and their keepers was occupied by huge, multi-generational Asian families. I guess they were all celebrating Earth Day? I don't know. It was just something I noticed.

After the train, there was much swinging (followed, of course, by a Category 5 meltdown when the swinging had to end so we could head home for lunch).

Later that afternoon, I decided to fill up the MegaPool that Dah purchased for us. Good ol' Dah... ugh. I have an automatic air pump thing, and so I hooked that up to the MegaPool, and The Geej lost her shit. She HATES loud or even semi-loud noises: vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, blender, Harley Davidson, etc. So she was trippin'. I kept trying to get her to come and touch the pool and feel how squishy and cool it was and to not lose her shit because something was a tiny bit noisy. But no. Please observe the drama queen in action:(And yes, she had on shorts earlier. She wasn't just running around like this.) So I would hook it up to a certain part, we'd go inside and watch through the door (no crying) and when it got full, I would go outside and put the nozzle on a different part of the pool (much crying). FINALLY, it was done, filled with water, and The Geej gave it a big thumbs up.

Even if all she really did was wade around in it, that's still cool.
And everything was going fine until...Mommy decided to turn on the Squirting Palm Tree of Doom. The Geej was NOT amused.
But soon after this shot, she got to eat dinner in her bathing suit (which was a treat), had a bath and konked out.

All in all, a pretty good day.


La Turista said...

She looks so grown-up ... and horrified. I have to see this beast of a pool.

Badger said...

Aw! The Geej is too damn cute for words. As always.

I remember when we took the boy child for his first trip on the Zephyr. It was his first birthday, so ... almost exactly 9 years ago. This is the best time of year to ride it, I think.

This is without a doubt THE BEST TOWN in the known universe for raising kids. Period. Amen. My kids are almost too old now for some of the really fun stuff (the Zephyr, the Children's Museum, etc.) and I miss it!

Jules said...

I love that ham. Just like her momma- for matching Velvetta grins and how much of my heart they fill.

littlemissme said...

Ha! My daughter: "Baby CLEAN!!"

A high compliment, I tell ya.

Her blue eyes just KILL me.