Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

I know, Internets. I've been neglectful. And I swear: I have got a "catch up" post a-brewin' that's gonna make your head spin. But now? Now I'm tired. This week has worn me out. Hell, who am I kidding? This MONTH has worn me out!! So two quick tidbits:

I am a member of the Sierra Club, and I got their most recent magazine in the mail a week or so ago. I'm thumbing through it the other night, and there's this section that has all of these great Sierra Club trips you can take backpacking and kayaking and whatnot, and I'm just sort of looking at them. And for each trip, they tell you what it's about, location, cost, name of the guide, and whether it's light, medium or strenuous activity. So I'm reading along, and I suddenly see that this one tour guide's name is...wait for it...Dick Worm. DICK MOTHERFUCKING WORM, people! How AWESOME is that?! I've often wanted to track down people with weird names like this, interview them about how having that name affected their childhoods and/or life in general, and publish a handy handbook called "What NOT to Name Your Baby." And don't even THINK about stealing this idea, cuz I'll sue your ass.

I have been having an unnatural craving for tater tots as of late. Not french fries. Not hash browns. Tater fucking tots. It's bordering on obsession.

More later. I swear.

You know I love you baby...


Karla said...

when I worked for a non profit and managed the database, we had a guy on the mailing list, who was named, and I shit you not:

Harry P. Nuss.

We (me and my coworker, who you know and whose first name starts with "O") always wondered why did he use his middle initial??

There is also a street in austin called "Beaver Trail" which totally makes me laugh like Beavis whenever i drive by it.

Moon said...

I am still in shock at all of the unfortunate names I came across during my stint in paternity testing. If you name a kid Uranus, you really limit their career choices.

And just because you name a kid Jr. doesn't mean Sr. is REALLY the daddy.

amamgets said...

I want a first edition. Seriously, you gotta go for it. My BF and I have a plan for an Austin-based book, destined for at least two or three coffee tables in town (mine, hers, and my sister's).

I been a bad blogger too-- the past couple of weeks have been boogers-- but I'm coming back.

Please hurry up with the blought you've been brewing. Whatever it is, it will be funny. You make me laugh. Meself, I'm starting a little list of bloughts I have no energy/time for, but want to jump on in the future.

amamgets said...

Okay okay-- here's a name for the book-- the urologist my husband went to for his vasectomy? Dick Chopp. No shit.

Bookhart said...

Amamgets--Pod had the same doctor. My mother had a friend whose last name was "Cuntz," (I swear) and when I pointed it out to her one day, she said, "what's wrong with Jim Cooontz," which was how she pronounced it.

I'm not sure if she didn't get it or was just pretending ignorance.