Friday, March 31, 2006

Think you're smart?

Sometimes I do too. Like when I watch "Jeopardy" (which is as rare as a Republican with a heart these days). I'm always nailing shit from the comfort of my own couch, yelling stuff like, "What is the First Folio?" and "Who is Lorna Luft?" at the screen. So secretly, I've always thought, "Piece of cake. I could TOTALLY do 'Jeopardy,' make an easy $50K, and make my mama proud all in the process." I'm not really thinking that so much anymore.

About a week ago, I read online on some news site that "Jeopardy" was going to be having their first ever online prelim testing on March 30th. Of course, I signed up. And last night, at the designated time (8pm, PST), I sat my tired ass down in front of Ye Olde Laptoppe and attempted to answer the 50 questions that came at me one every fifteen seconds.


Who is Ken Star?

What is Saudi Arabia?

What is "Little Shop of Horrors"?

Some of that shit, I totally nailed. But the rest of it humbled me greatly. Greatly.

I'm not really expecting a call for the next round. Oh least I tried. AND I knew that Byron was the English poet who died after sustaining injuries fighting for Greek independence (or something along those lines).


amamgets said...

I am SO impressed-- and right there with you on the love of Jeopardy.

I think I used to be able to answer about fifty percent of the questions (as opposed to my current five). Possibly I'm just misremembering. Make that likely.

my word ver. is TWAZAHM, which is the new TOWANDA!

Badger said...

Dude! I totally tried out for Jeopardy here in town many years ago. I want to say late '80s? Very early '90s? Anyway, that test was like a thousand times harder than any test I've ever taken in my life. I left feeling bitter AND stupid.

Jaye Joseph said...

That picture is rockin' my world. You have a second career ahead of you.