Friday, March 24, 2006

Q: You know what doesn't smell so good?

A: A first morning diaper FULL of asparagus pee followed about 30 minutes later by a second morning diaper filled with sweet potato poo.

Ugh. I'm getting queasy just thinking about it. But hey: at least The Geej likes asparagus and sweet potatoes.


Jules said...

That's so AWESOME, why not throw in some roasted garlic and feta cheese in the next meal too!

amy said...

The cute redhead just started REALLY liking food. I can' tell you how shocking it is the first time there is smell in that there diaper. I just shuddered thinking about it.

kristen said...

Try okra on for size in that department.

I know - what the fuck was I thinking?

And tonight my husband gave the offspring AN ENTIRE PICKLE.

In a bar.

amamgets said...

BLECHHH!!! Oh the joys of being a mama.

Nap Queen said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll try and remember that when I have kids :)