Thursday, March 09, 2006

My first Blackbird show and tell.

Badger does it. And she's cool. I wanna be cool too, so now I'm doing the Blackbird weekly "show it." It's supposed to happen on Thursday, and it's Friday. So sue me.

This week? Eyes. My eyes. So here they are:

That's kind of a grainy, pixelated version of them, but you get the idea. They're blue, and practically blind. I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts since 5th grade. When I smile, my left one squinches up more than my right one. I have paltry eyelashes, and my brows are blonde (which is also the natural color of my hair). I've only had my brows tweezed once, for my wedding. I thought I was gonna die during the whole ordeal, so I decided not to do it again. On a daily basis, I wear liner, a neutral shadow, and mascara. At night, I put vitamin E oil under them to try (in vain) to stave off the wrinkles. I've only had one black eye, and I got it at a Riverboat Gamblers show at Beerland on my 35th birthday, so I'm pretty proud of that.

So there they are. My eyes.

A real post is to follow this one. I'm sorry I've been so absent. Work continues to kick my ass. Excuses, excuses...


Karla said...

i've been thinking of joining the blackbird photo club as well....nice eyes, babe. is two the usual number of eyes to have?

(Sorry, long day at computer, i am cross eyed and thinking everyone has just one...)

Jules said...

What an Icy Blue color! I've long thought those peepers of yours are quite beautiful- even with the wisdom lines.