Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Shuffle Meme

I totally stole this from the one and only Badger, but I'm sure she doesn't mind.

For the unititated: You put your iPod on random shuffle, and then answer the questions with the song titles of whatever plays. No cheating.

You'll know I didn't cheat because I left in some pretty lame ass bands/songs. Hopefully this, and the fact that I also have Usher, Beyonce, April Wine, and Scritti Politti (among many other "embarassing" artists) on my iPod will prove that, once and for all, I am NOT a music snob.

Here goes:

What is missing from my life?
Sick, Sober and Sorry—Lefty Frizzell
So I guess this means I’m healthy, drunk and unwilling to cop to my mistakes. SWEET!

Will I find love?
See Him on the Street—The Jayhawks
Oh great. I’m going to fall in love with a homeless panhandler. Again.

Will I become rich?
Rockin’ Chair—Louis Armstrong
I take this to mean that yes, I will become rich, and be able to while away my days in a rocking chair. Or else that I’ll become rich through my ownership of a furniture company. But either way, the answer’s yes.

Does someone have a crush on me?
March of the Goober Woobers—47 x It’s Own Weight
You can't make shit like this up. This was the actual song that came on, and this is its actual title. It’s on a compilation CD that I bought off of iTunes. I am doomed.

What is my favorite sexual position?
Paranoid Android—Radiohead
Dude, you should TOTALLY try the Paranoid Android. All you and your partner need are some flippers, an egg beater, a helmet and some Astroglide, and you’re good to go.

Am I good looking?
Micro Kid—Level 42
Yes. I’m good looking, but only in a very, very small way.

What makes me the most happy?
Finally Made It—Mary J. Blige
I guess “making it” makes me happy...whatever THAT means.

What is my biggest regret?
Spanish Key—Miles Davis
No idea.

How will I die?
Into the Fold—Luna
The first lines of this song are: “Your face is flushed, and your eyes are closing…” so I’m thinking I'll kick it due to a heat stroke or heart attack, or perhaps--per the title--in a bizarre laundry accident.

Do I act my age?
Milk Cow Blues—Johnnie Lee Wills & His Boys
Um. No comment.

What type of tattoo should I get?
Plants and Rags—Giant Sand
Yeah man, so what I was thinking was like this BIG pot leaf with some Confederate flags waving in the background. That’ll be so rad.

What is my spiritual/animal guide?
El Quarto del Tula—Buena Vista Social Club
Tula’s room! I must get to Tula’s room to find my spiritual destiny!

Do I like pain?
Bayou Schwarz—Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
Yes. I like pain. But only when I’m traveling through Bayou Schwarz.

Is there anyone else out there like me?
The Unorthodox—Mr. Lif
I think this is a pretty accurate statement.

Do I love to party?
Cello Song—Nick Drake
Nothing says “party” like Nick Drake and cellos. Pass the Dom, bitches!!

Where should I move to?
If You Were the Woman and I Was the Man—Cowboy Junkies
Sounds to me like this is recommending San Francisco…or Bangkok.

Will I ever be president?
Man with Two Hearts—Men At Work
That’s cool. I didn’t want to be president anyway.

What is fun for me?
The Mess We’re In—PJ Harvey
Getting messy IS fun! Cleaning up messes, not so much.

Will I ever learn to fly?
Alison—Elvis Costello & The Attractions
My flight instructor’s name will be Alison. Good to know.

What is my superpower?
Big Rock Candy Mountain—Harry McClintock
Come to think of it, creating huge mountains of candy out of thin air would be a kick ass super power.

Will I be successful?
Drab—Giant Sand
As in: “No my dear, you won’t be successful. You’ll be drab.”

How often do I get angry?
All I Gave—World Party
I give and give and give, and what do I get from you people!? NOTHING!!! God, that makes me mad!!

What is my favorite thing to do?
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?--REM
Ham radio with a guy named Kenneth. TOTALLY!! That’s my number one favorite thing to do! Man, this thing is eerie…

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Badger said...

Hee! I totally stole that meme from someone, myself.

And dude, you should TOTALLY get that tattoo! But make sure it incorporates Yosemite Sam in some way. I think there's a tattoo law or something that you can't get the rebel flag without Yosemite Sam.