Sunday, March 12, 2006

Meet the girls.

From left to right they are: Anna, Abbie, Sally, and The Geej. The Geej has been utterly obsessed with babies for some time now: Real babies, babies in books or on t.v., and these three baby dolls. Sally is the clear favorite, but the other two get plenty of attention as well. In the mornings, The Geej tends to all of them, making sure they have their bottles and are covered up with their community blanket so that they can go "nigh-nigh." She is such a GIRLY girl, what with all the baby doll lovin' and whatnot. She also kisses them. A lot. And if they get a boo-boo (which is generally caused by her less-than-gentle handling of them, I mean jeez, Sally's two-thirds her size, so she can be hard to lug around), she wants to wants to put ice on it and kisses it and tells the babies, "It's okay."

Too funny.


bookhart said...

God, she is beautiful.

mbridgeman said...

I agree. Totally gorgeous.

And we must get the Geej together with my tiny (damn, not so much tiny anymore) one, who is equally obsessed with babies and dolls. Since before she could walk, she would sit and put her babies to sleep. Over and over again. Like for 45 minutes at a time.

Even as I type, mine has been sitting in her crib talking to her babies for over half an hour. Just sitting there, in the dark, having a conversation to which I am not privy.

I just love it. And I wonder about obsessive-compulsive disorder.