Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things Hosting Thanksgiving At My House Taught Me Or Reaffirmed For Me:

  • I love cooking for people
  • I'm really good at cooking sides, but not the main course or the desserts
  • I would rather buy really good desserts
  • And cooking the main course is too stressful for me
  • Timing is everything
  • Prepping the night before is time well spent
  • Digestive enzymes are helpful
  • So is Ativan
  • Even if you're also Tweeting and drinking wine while cutting up vegetables
  • Few things annoy me more than a t.v. that's a) up too loud and b) on when no one's watching
  • A t.v. constantly tuned to Fox news makes me stabby
  • We really need a dedicated guest room
  • We could also use another bathroom.
  • Or at least a half-bath
  • I love how quiet our dishwasher is
  • My daughter is very squealy
  • Our pets are lazy-asses
  • My husband is very different from his father
  • Quiet and solitude are very underrated
  • Replacing our old, crappy oven was a smart move
  • I like having a dining room, even if it only gets used for dining a couple of times a year
  • My mother's cornbread dressing recipe is the best in the world

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