Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From the back seat.

Yesterday evening, The Geej and I were sitting in traffic on our way back from our successful gravy boat/electric knife buying excursion to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the following exchange took place:

The Geej:   When can I go visit my old (Montessori) school and (her favorite teacher) Miss Kim?
Karla May:   Well, honey, I don't know.
Geej:   I really want to go. For a whole day. Like when MY school is closed.
KM:   But the thing is, baby, your old school's calendar is the same as your new school. When your first grade school is closed, so is your old school. So going for a whole day would be kind of hard.
Geej:   (After a long pause, and with MUCH sincerity) Why does life have to be so horrible?

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