Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Goings on at work.

I know. Fascinating blog topic, right? But there really IS some stuff going on, and I'm about to write about it.

First off, I'm about to start packing for what will be I think my 9th desk/office/cube move in 11 years. And you'd think that with all of that moving around and the inevitable move-related cleaning up and purging that goes on, I really wouldn't have managed to accumulate that much crap. But you'd be wrong. My cube is a cozy wreck, and it's going to be a big pain in the ass to pack 'er up for another move.

Home Sweet Home...for now.
Why am I moving? Well, because after MONTHS of speculation, we finally learned this morning that we'll be moving our small little team on to a larger "umbrella" team called TMS (Team Member Services...what the rest of the world refers to as Human Resources). It's a change that I'm happy about and that makes a ton of sense, although I'm sure there will be the inevitable adjustment period where we have to figure out exactly how we're going to best fit in with the rest of the sub-teams. 

Also, my company had a stupendous Q4/FY 2010 earnings relase last week, which sent our stock price climbing. This is good news for those of us with stock options that have been underwater for YEARS. I'm not ready to retire, by any means, but I did cash some options in to help take the sting out of paying for our new floors. 

Finally, there are like 3 work-related happy hours that I've been invited to within the space of a week. THREE!! It's been eons since I've socialized with my work peeps in a non-work setting, and it feels like people are starting to be happy and have fun around here again after a rough and lengthy ride. 

In short, it feels good.


hotpinksox said...

I like the worlds best boss mug.

Karla May said...

Yes. It was an (ironic) gift from one of my Team Members. It's filled with spit out sunflower seeds at the moment.

Hecticmom Undone said...

Yeah - I'm way behind and I'm reading backwards! Napoleon Dynomite!!!! WOOT! FTW!!!!