Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phoning It In

Yeah, that's right: this is gonna be one of "those" posts. Part of the reason is that I'm way tired. Like the kind of tired that I imagine I would feel after running a marathon. But since I'll never actually run a marathon, maybe I'm full of shit. The other part of the reason is that almost everyone at my house is seriously sacked out right now--animals included--and I want to join the sleep party more than anything in the world right now. Behold the feline snuggle-fest currently happening in BH's desk chair:

See what I mean?!
The final reason I'm phoning it in tonight? Because absolutely nothing remotely interesting happened in my world today. I changed sheets on beds. I did laundry. I went through all my CDs and decided which ones I was going to toss, try to sell, keep, and give to Dah. I shot hoops with The Geej (You should see her technique, which I'm calling "The Double Jump". It's seriously hilarious.) I made dinner. I watched a movie. The end. See? World-class boring.

So yeah, maybe I'll have more to contribute tomorrow. But for now, goodnight.

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