Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Insomnia Post Facto

I woke up at 4:39am this morning. I needed to pee. So I got up and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid hormone, drank some water, and got back in bed. And then I just lay there, awake. My eyes were closed, but my mind was racing. Then I realized I was cold. Got up and shut the window in the bedroom (it was cracked) and got back in bed. And then I just lay there, awake. Mind going a million miles an hour again. I thought of a really good stand up joke. I thought about Christmas lists. I thought about work. I thought about The Geej and BH. Doug came and snuggled up with me. The minutes passed, and sleep wouldn't come. I thought of my friend Michelle who lives in Portland. I thought of Chicago. I thought of how much being awake during prime sleeping time pissed me off. I unclenched my jaw. My stomach growled. The minutes passed. I wondered if I should get up. I realized that I'd forgotten the stand up joke I'd come up with earlier. I thought about singing and music I love.

And then it was 5:49am, just 14 minutes before my alarm clock was due to go off, so I got up. Went to the computer to write, and the mind that was racing just moments earlier was utterly and completely blank. So I surfed. Checked Facebook and Twitter and my Google Reader hoping that my previous thoughts would return, but no such luck.

I'm still sad about all of the words I lost during that walk from the bedroom to the computer. Where did they go? Why is that half-wakeful state so intensely prolific, and then when I'm fully awake--poof--it's gone.


Oh well, at least I managed to successfully complete NaBloPoMo by posting at least something every day this month. Yay me!! My hope is that I'll keep up the frequency, but we'll have to see. As we now know, when I'm fully awake, words escape me. Maybe I'll try sleep-blogging.

(This was my 1,075th post, by the way. I think I should get a cupcake or something.)


rift said...

Hi Karla May,
I don't have cupcakes for you, but you did win a prize for blogging every day for National Blog Posting Month. You've won a set of 24 Glitter pens!
Please email me: riftvegan at gmail

Congrats on all your posting! 1,075 is incredible!!

rift vegan said...

Hey again!
I've not heard from you yet! I've sent two emails to your yahoo account. I'd really like to send you your prize!
Glitter Pens!
Please email me with your snail mail... riftvegan at gmail.com

Thanks and congratulations again!