Friday, November 19, 2010

And another week rolls by...

Whenever the holidays approach, it seems like everyone is taken off-guard by their arrival. The cries of, "Lordy be! It just CAN'T be Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's already!" are heard at every watercooler and grocery aisle meet up. But since the stores start stocking holiday items shortly after Labor Day, I just don't understand the perpetual surprise of their arrival. But I'm always one of the worst offenders.

Just last night, I caught myself having a minor freak out that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. Which meant I needed to plan the menu (done, as of this morning) and create the shopping list (working on it) and basically get ready to cook like a freak. We're staying home this year (the first time since 2007), and I'm looking forward to having a small celebration with just BH, The Geej, my stepsons and (maybe, but probably not) BH's dad. I'm also very much looking forward to leftovers--one of the best parts about having Thanksgiving at home.

This weekend is getting kicked off this evening with some fun. I'll be heading out to see Louis CK at The Paramount with the Texpatriate, who I haven't seen (except in a virtual sense) in forever. Very excited. And then BH's boys will be here, and we'll be doing the family thing for the rest of the beautiful weekend.

And then next week, Thanksgiving.

After that, the mad rush to Christmas.

The Geej has asked for an effing iTouch. The least expensive new one is $229. For a 6 yr. old? I think not. However, I'm looking in to getting her a used one. She has managed to hang on to the $40 MP3 player I got her last Christmas, and she has loved it. Granted, she "loses" it at least once a week, but it always seems to turn up. And although I let her play around on the home computer, we don't have any video games or anything like that at our house. She likes to play with my mom's Android and my friends' iPhones whenever she gets the chance, and she's good at figuring out how to get those devices to do what she wants them to. It's impressive/scary. So...I dunno. Maybe. This time last year, she was asking for Barbies. Sigh.

I already know what I'm getting BH. But that's it. As always, I'm clueless about what to get the rest of his family and mine. Sigh.

I DO know that I'm going to give myself for my birthday (which I realize isn't until the end of January, but you know how those kinds of things creep up on you):  a few days in west Texas. Terlingua or there abouts. Complete solitude in the middle of nowhere. Cannot wait.

I guess I'll wrap this thing up by posting a video that makes me want to learn to play the banjo:

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