Saturday, October 27, 2007


By "kids" in the plural, I mean of course Geej AND Earl. He's a big effing baby, and I love him, so technically he's my "kid" even though he's covered in fur and has been known to lick his own privates.

Proof #1: The Geej

Taken at a little Halloween carnival thingie we went to today. Notice: That's NOT Sally with her. I actually convinced her to bring a second-tier baby (named "Pumpkin" appropriately enough) with us since Sally's so big and hard to carry. You want some more proof? Okay, if you insist...

Dudes, she was LOVING that lollipop. She's so obsessed with candy, that I'm actually terrified of the whole trick-or-treating thing. She's going to lose her mind.

One more: Geej climbing up the ladder to the slide.

ARGGGH!! The cuteness!!

Proof #2: Earl sleeping with his tongue sticking out:

He does this kind of a lot. You can touch the sticky-out part of his tongue, and it's as dry as paper. And then he just opens his eyes and looks at you all drowsy and starts purring...with his tongue sticking out. Cute as hell.

That is all. More tomorrow.


Karla said...

The Geej has the most amazing eyes. I'm always drawn into them.

The Strong One said...

OMG! Too fucking cute!

Keetha said...

The cuteness! Adorable. Hope the trick or treating thing goes well.

We went to a little carnival thing last night and my dear son, who is five, came home with ton 'o candy, which he wanted to eat this morning for breakfast.