Monday, October 08, 2007

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Yesterday, The Geej and I were lucky enought to attend La Turista's youngest's birthday hoedown at the Little Buckaroo ranch just outside of town. It was a knee-slappin', high-falootin', barn-bustin' good time. Here are just some of the things The Geej got to do:
Act sassy in her cowgirl gear.

Swing on a recycled tire horse.

Touch some fish.

Water the (miniature) horses. [This picture was snapped immediately prior to her declaring, "There are too many people. It's getting on my nerves!" and dropping the hose.]

Pet a bunny.

Get up close and personal with a little rooster.

Feed some friendly goats.
  • Take a little hay ride.
  • Groom a minature horse.
  • Get honked at by a cranky goose. (Are there any other kind, by the way?)
And...drum roll please...RIDE A PONY for the first time! Yaaaaaaaahoo!

All of this was topped off with Hawaiian Punch (a first for her), veggie dogs cooked over an open fire, and birthday cake.

Wow. Sometimes it's really freakin' cool to be three.

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Nap Queen said...

What an awesome party. And they served veggie dogs, which is the coolest thing ever.