Saturday, October 06, 2007

Other goings on...

Yeah, I know that Texas got beat today by stupid ol' O.U. But you know what? U.T. is still way cooler than O.U. simply based on these two facts: It's not in Oklahoma AND it's actually in Austin, which--as many of us know--flippin' rules.

Okay, now down to haps.

This week was crazybusy at work. First off, it was a short week for me since I took Monday off. Then it was like--Bam!--meetings, meetings, meetings, lunch with new team, appointment, meetings, parent/teacher conference, meeting, team appreciation lunch, offsite meeting, 5:00pm Friday. I mean, seriously. Whoooooosh.

Monday my small team officially joined a new larger team at work. There are good things about this "merger", and things about it that still remain to be seen. I'm in protective "mother hen" mode at the moment with the whole situation. At any rate, it's new, and if there's one thing that is constant about where I work, there's always something "NEW" going on.

I went to a work-related reception thingie on Wednesday evening. It was nice, but gosh that shit's just awkward. I'm chatty as hell, but I'm not one of those folks who likes to go up and just initiate random, work-related conversation with someone I don't know. But I did, and it was fine. As long as this type of schmooze-fest isn't a regular part of what I do at work, I'm golden.

I had Geej's parent/teacher conference on Thursday afternoon. Let me set the scene for you:

Her teachers--Mr. Gabe and Miss Kim--and I are seated on the "circle time" circle in the middle of their feng shui-ed/bamboo-floored classroom, while the class rat Hunka Munka runs around between us, crawling all over us at various points. It was freakin' awesome. The basic report is this: She's doing incredibly well, especially considering how different the "Primary" class (with all 4 and 5 yr. olds except for her and her friend Kennedy) is from the "Pre-primary" class she came from. The only issue? Her tendency to be a Seriously, I have no idea where she gets this from. (Nod, nod, wink wink.) We'll be working on this as hard as we can, but honestly? She's my kid: she's gonna be a Bossy McBossersons. There's not a whole lot I can do about it.

This week was going really well, actually, until yesterday morning when Earl woke me up barfing on the pillow next to my head. Some cats are barfy--Earl is not. So this was a tad bit weird. Well, by the time Geej and I were leaving for our day, he'd puked another 5 times. Lovely. When I got home, 3 semi-dry piles of upchuck greeted me. I took up his food and told myself that if he was still hurling today, we'd give the vet a call. Well, guess what. This morning, he threw up another 5 times before the crack of 10am, so I called my vet (who is open from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays). I explained what was going on, but they had two emergency surgeries going on, so they weren't going to be able to see my big, barfy boy. So they referred me to the emregency vet not too far from where I live. We took him, and nothing unusual was found during the regular exam (of course), so they guilted me into a shitload of diagnostic testing and x-raying and whatnot. Now, he's home with me hydrated and anti-nausea medicated, and x-rayed, and CBC-ed. But at least he hasn't blown chunks since we got home. Even if I am $500 poorer, I'm glad to know he's feeling better. I hope he STAYS better, because I don't think I can afford another trip to the vet right now. Oh! And get this: My little fatty has lost TWO pounds since his annual exam last year. I totally attibute this to the fact that I transitioned him to "light" food after Ellen was no longer with us. He's still HUGE, but not as enormous as he used to be. Good boy...

Other things:
Mr. Wonderful starts his new job on 11/12, so he and I are trying to figure out the logistics of getting his ass down here. Right now, it's looking like I'll be flying up there to help him drive the U-Haul down here on 11/1. Oh. My. GOD!! I'm so freakin' excited. And I've got SO much to do to ger ready for him to arrive. I smell a garage sale in my immediate future...I gots to make some room, fools!

Speaking of Mr. W., I am heading to Boulder, CO next week with my entire work team to meet with our parallel team at the company we're merging with, and Mr. W. and I are going to be able to spend a wee bit of time together at the end of my trip. Boulder in October? GORGEOUS. I can't wait.

Geej and I are going to a birthday party tomorrow where there will be a pony for riding. Last time she had the opportunity to ride a pony, she was too scared. But she's been talking about this and fired up for a week now, so we'll see if she is ready to go for it. I hope so, because how else am I going to get her interested in this: Welcome to Ponyville! Holy CRAP, people!! How do I protect my daughter from this marketing onslaught? Jesus H. Christ. Speaking of...I have a whole bitchtastic post brewing about the whole branding/marketing thing and kiddos. I know it's not groundbreaking, but I'm just now facing it with my kiddo, and it makes me wanna punch someone in a suit. Hard.

Okay, I have so much more to write, but it's clogging my brain and I'm too tired. So I'll leave you with this piece of advice:

Do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to this month's playlist at It's based on a cross-country driving trip he did with his daughter, and it's perfection. If I weren't already in love with Mr. Wonderful, I would TOTALLY stalk David Byrne.

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