Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cat Biscuits Explained and Other Stuff

"Cat Biscuits" are not cat farts. One advantage that cats have over dogs as a pet is that they are rarely gassy. And we all know how lethal dog farts can be... Cat biscuits are when a cat is all blissed out and kneads its paws on you or whatever happens to be within reach as if kneading dough or--you guessed it--making biscuits. This is a behavior that harkens back to when they used the same paw motion as kittens, kneading their mother's tummy while nursing. So now you know.

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting more. I'm just tired and uninspired. You know how it goes... Sometimes you've got the blog mojo, sometimes you don't.

This week was super busy (as I mentioned), and the coming week promises more of the same. I did manage to go see a kick ass show this week at La Zona Rosa: The Tragically Hip, who happen to be one of my top five all time favorite bands. This was either the 7th or 8th time I've seen them live, but it has been a few years. It was great to see they're still as awesome live as I remembered. And Gordon Downie is simply one of the best front men out there. Period. The only thing that bugs me about Hip shows are all of the douchebags in hockey jerseys. Yeah, yeah, I get it: the band's from Canada, and you're wearing a hockey jersey, and Canadians love that means you're like an EXTRA big fan. Ugh. It would be like me showing up for a Willie Nelson show all tricked out in a 10-gallon hat, chaps, and spurs...because HE'S from TEXAS! Yee Haw!! These dudes are usually the same tools who manage to get into a fight when they oafishly slam into another heavily beered-up dumbass. It's just so lame and predictable.

Another thing I did this week? Finally finished reading this. Do I feel smarter? Hell to the yes. I'm totally getting the American History edition for myself for Christmas...

Thursday was my three year blogging anniversary and eight year anniversary at work, and I was so busy, I barely remembered either event. So happy belated bloggiversary to me!!

And finally, I got a gabbity ("cavity" in Geej speak) filled on Wednesday. WTF, people?! I go 36 years without getting one single cavity, and then I have 3 in two years. Pisses me off...

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La Turista said...

I seem to remember a great Tragically Hip show at Liberty Lunch several moons ago. I loved that damn place.