Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cool* things I've done recently.

* By "cool," I may actually mean woefully uncool. You've just got to pay attention.

  • Bought this online: `
  • Accidentally stabbed myself in the knuckle with a fork. Hard.
  • Spent $157 at Target when all I stopped in for was Q-tips and lipstick.
  • Painfully bruised the backside of my hand without knowing exactly how I did it.
  • Tried to cut a cherry tomato in half at a group lunch at work, only to have its innards shoot onto my shirt and into my hair like the money shot in a 70s porno.
  • Seriously discussed the whole Britney meltdown stuff. Twice.
  • Ate grilled pineapple (YUM!).
  • Spent over $1,000 getting my car tuned up and cleaned up.
  • Got a manicure. I've gotten like 5 manicures in my entire life, so this is a big deal. And my nails still look freakin' AWESOME.
  • Re-read my "Trip 2" adoption journal. Realized how fucking scared and ill I was during that trip.
  • Somehow stumbled into a doorknob backwards and ended up with the nastiest bruise I've had in years...right in the middle of my back.
  • Managed to avoid shaving my legs, for like, weeks.
  • Finally FINALLY sold my old engagement/wedding set and split the proceeds between my retirement account and The Geej's college fund.
  • Bought a really good potato masher, then mashed some potatoes.
  • Got rid of the nasty, moldy love seat that was out on my deck.
  • Scheduled an appointment with a window coverings place to get my kitchen window taken care of.
  • Had insomnia over work stuff.
  • Watched Pablo bother Ramsey about a dozen times:

So there you have it, Super Friends: Further proof that it is TOTALLY worth your time and effort to read this blog, as it is ALWAYS loaded with the most interesting, fascinating information ever.



Karla said...

You are SUCH a dork. I giggled at work every time i thought of you sticking a fork in your knuckle.
All day. Everyone thinks i am nuts. Well more nuts than normal. How the HELL did you manage that?

Thanks for the impromptu laugh(s)...I really needed it as work pissed me off today.

blackbird said...

SEE? THIS is the content I come here for...

Nap Queen said...

Damn, you're productive!! I seriously think my sister had that necklace.