Friday, October 05, 2007

This one's for you, Julie.

Yep. I purchased this 12-pack before the crack of 9:30am this morning and am trying to figure out a way to ship it to you safely without bottles breaking. We may just have to wait to crack these open until the next time we see each other (which I hope won't be that far away).

O.U. Sucks!


Linda said...

GO HORNS !!!!!!

Karla said...

you look gorgeous in that picture. even if you are a dork.

Jules said...

I can express what a relief it is that someone truly feels my pain!! You have no idea how much hate mail I've gotten this week. Thank the lawd for Karla May--and dude, all 12 of those are mine!!

Badger said...

Gig 'em!

Wait, what?