Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wha tha fuh?

Okay, I'm not sure what the hell was going on today, but shit was all fucked up. It started out normally enough, but as the day progressed, it just disintegrated.

Started feeling lousy yesterday afternoon. Felt lousy enough to do a quickie trip to the doctor today. She called in a prescription for me, and I had to go to the pharmacy not once, but twice to pick it up.

Went to get some prescription food for the Old Cat and flea medicine for the Young Cat at the vet's office and walked out $114 poorer.

Walked into a barrage of e-mails at work today that were about this apparently failed statistics tool we put up on our website, and now I'm going to have to deal with the IT nerds who are going to a) defend their work, even if it's wrong and it sucks and b) try and make me feel stupid and talk me out of making them do anything about it. Fucking IT fuckers...

Got summoned by the Executive VP who told me that this very big, first-time-ever, VERY important-to-my-team 2-day meeting with a bunch of company bigwigs that was supposed to occur next month had been cancelled. And my team, who have been pretty fucked over in the nearly 6 months since my nutjob boss left and they chose not to replace her, but rather to put me in an unofficial interim team leader mode--all of the responsibility, none of the pay or authority--was duly disappointed when I had to break the news to them.

Didn't have one single minute to work on a big writing thing I needed to do and get out to my team today. Hence, it didn't get done. And the big writing thing? It's for a meeting we're having with the Executive VP to discuss the item above on Friday . And tomorrow's Thursday.

Still feeling lousy all day long, but way too busy to even think about going home. And if I did get sick and had to go home, who would pick up The Geej? Feeling bad is not an option.

Call my mom on the way home to give her her daily ride home, stuck-in-traffic call from The Geej, and she says one of the most insulting things anyone's ever said to me. I tell her, "Do you have ANY idea how mad what you just said made me? I've got to go," and hung up.

I called her back just a short while ago, and she not only refused to apologize, but she also refused to even acknowledge what she said was out of line. I love my mom. You know I do. I've written about it many, many times on this blog. But this, my friends, is a doozie of a rift, and she will NOT see her grand-daughter until she sincerely apologizes to me. [And I'm serious too. She was supposed to come spend the night with me tomorrow night so she could get an early leg up on Memorial Day weekend traffic so she could drive to my cousin's graduation in Houston on Friday. And I told her, "If you can't apologize and admit that what you said to me was hurtful and careless, then I don't want to see you tomorrow." And she said, "Fine." I said, "Then have a nice trip," and hung up.] Extortion? Sure. But if you only knew what she said, you'd understand. (And no, I'm not going in to that here because I'm afraid the keyboard will burst into flames with all of my rage.)

All this stress about my mom? It's torn my stomach up, and I've been, shall we say "a little loose," for hours now.

Oh yeah, and The Geej wouldn't eat tonight and decided to pitch a royal fit at bedtime (which is unusual for her). I guess she can sense the stress in me, and it's setting her off.

So I ask again: Wha tha fuh?


Badger said...

Gah! Moms! I feel you, man.

Oh, and dude? You're supposed to get up and pee right after. You know what I'm talking about.

Karla said...

I know how you feel with the thing with your Mom. My mom and I NEVER fight, but we did about 6 months ago, she said something nasty and really awful, I hung up on her, and she refused to apologize. And so we did not speak, for, like, a week. And it felt BAD. Like unnatural and BAD.

WE finally worked it out, though she never really paologized, just sort of said she was sorry I felt bad (!!) but I had to let it go because it was just too awful.

Your mom will come to her senses, and realize she hurt you, even if you both have to move more center than you wish....