Monday, May 29, 2006

In praise of friends whose parents have lakehouses.

Had a nice time on Saturday afternoon/evening as The Geej and I were invited out to a friend's parents' lakehouse right on Lake LBJ. The great thing about lake culture--like beach culture--is that people tend to go full tilt. Take these mailboxes for instance. They say "lakehouse" in a very serious way.

There were lots of kiddos there--from age (almost) 9 to age 1 1/2. The girls outnumbered the boys. The Geej got some quality time with Malcontent Mama's little Casanova, Anderson. And I'm not sure why, but our parties that involve the kids usually end up with a massive breakdancing session. This was Saturday:
And this was at Malcontent Mama's birthday bash back in March. Hmm... Maybe SHE'S the reason behind all this breakdancing. But I digress. We had lots and lots of fun. The Geej thoroughly enjoyed her time at the "big wah-doh" although the ideas of getting on a boat or actually in to the wah-doh are still a little much for her. I predict by the end of the summer, she'll be all over it.

BTW--The standoff with my mom has come to an end. We were able to talk through things, and I got the apology I needed (and deserved) on Saturday afternoon. I'm glad because the whole thing was getting really, really old.

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Mama Malcontent said...

I assure you that I'm not the source of the break dancing, or for that matter the hippie love/interprative dance stylings of Annie O.. Little Cassanova just rocks.

How lucky I am too have my best friends parents settling along Lake LBJ and a stones throw from el rancho.