Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend update.

Greetings from Soggy Town, USA! Seriously. How much rain have we had over the past few days? I mean, we need it and all, but still...

Yesterday evening Jaye and I attended a commitment ceremony for two friends of mine, Lisa and Carole. They've been together nine years, and it was really cool to be a part of the celebration of them "making it official." Well, as official as you can in this conservative country in which we live. But I digress.

The ceremony and reception were held on this LOVELY piece of property near Driftwood. I met this guy while I was there.
Hot, no?

The property was right on the banks of a large creek (or small river, depending on how you look at it), and everyone had their fingers crossed that the cool, breezy, rain-free weather would last throughout the evening.

The ceremony itself took place in this bad ASS glass building. It was so cool because the way it was designed, it could be either totally opened up, or totally closed. They'd done some lovely, elegant decorating inside, and the ceremony itself took place "in the round" with all of the seats surrounding them as they took their vows.

There was a little covered patio area where they'd set up the bar. Then there was a small event tent where the food was. But all of the dining tables/chairs were set up under the trees near the creek. When everyone had been seated eating for a while, it became very clear that a big downpour was about to happen. Black clouds were quickly rolling in, the wind was picking up, and the temperature was dropping. So everyone got up and started moving the tables and chairs and food and booze into the glass pavilion. We got it all in there just as the bottom dropped out of the sky. It was cool to watch the whole thing roll past. No one let the weird weather get to them, and everyone just kept on celebrating. If nothing else, it made the event even more memorable than it already was.

The men attending the ceremony were very outnumbered by the largely female, largely lesbian guests. However, there was one cheesy dude who managed to sort of hit on me. THAT'S a first!! Getting hit on at a lesbian wedding! I'll have to mark that down on my list. Apparently it turned him on when he saw me remove the cork from a bottle of chardonnay with my teeth. I am nothing if not classy.

The dancing was pretty funny to watch. There was this one chick--a sister of one of the gals who got hitched--who we were calling "Cruise Ship." She was dancing up a STORM!! Step-ball-changing her little heart out, and doing lots of kicking and hand/arm choreography. She just looked like one of those ladies you see having the time of their life on the dancefloor of a cruise ship--complete with the cruise ship pantsuit and cruise ship hair. It was killing me.

Oh and there was a conga line. Yes, I conga-ed. Is that a word?


Badger said...

I am personally sort of done with the rain. And the hail. It can get sunny and hot any day now as far as I'm concerned.

The lesbian wedding sounds lovely. And if getting hit on there is worthy of inclusion on the list, then I want to see the rest of the list!

Jules said...

I love seeing storms roll in, especially in central Texas. I don't love them here in OK, as there's an ever present and actual threat of death.

One of my favorite college memories is being at the Oasis (I could stop the sentence here and it would still be true) and watching one such storm all but shatter the large pane windows.

Nap Queen said...

That sounds like a blast! I love storms. There was a huge flood the weekend of my best friend's wedding, and we ended up making the most of it. You'll have to teach me the cork trick. I'm intrigued.