Monday, May 08, 2006

And I'm off...

...on a quick work trip to Chicago. Leave Tuesday afternoon, back Wedesday night. These mid-week trips really have a way of screwing up everything else you've got going on at work. But hey, I'm sort of looking forward to it. But only sort of. I've got several big deadlines looming and lots and lots and lots and gobs and tons of work to be done. One of these days, I'll resurface. I hope.

This weekend, I'm getting a babysitter and taking my mom out for a good Mother's Day eve dinner. We haven't been to dinner anywhere that wasn't "kid friendly" in over a year, so we're going to go to a steak joint where she can get a big slap of mammal and I can watch her enjoy it. We're also going to go have a "family portrait" taken with her, me and The Geej. Of course, I've got 1/2" long roots and some sweeeeeeeet zits to bring to the photo session, so it should rock. And Geej's haircut is HORRIBLE. The gal I took her to last time was clueless. I mean, how hard is a Pageboy? Ugh. I haven't had a formal portrait taken with my mom since I was about three. This should be interesting. She's wanting us all to dress alike like those fools who all wear chambray shirts and shit. Not gonna happen.

I ninja cleaned the house yesterday. Damn, having a clean house feels good. Even if it only lasts for a few hours.

Finally, since I probably won't be posting for a day or two, I wanted to leave you with an image of the best shoes ever. They were purchased for me by a friend when I was living in Chicago. There's this crazy Japanese mall out in Arlington Heights (on your way to O'Hare), and it is seriously the most bizarre, entertaining place to spend a Sunday afternoon ever. It's like walking into the Engrish website. Anyhoo, he bought me these shoes there, and they nearly made me pee my pants laughing when he gave them to me. They still make me smile every time I slide the on, even though they're pretty skanky at this point.

Welcome to Babe City:

Oh wait. Can't read what they say? Here, let me zoom in for you:

Best. Shoes. EVER!! I swear, I'd wear them every day if I could.

More when I get back from the Windy City.

Nighty night.


Karla said...

we ARE sweet bunny.

amamgets said...

I have Bumble slippers. Me likey.

Nap Queen said...

Okay, I lived in Chicago for 6 months and never heard of that place. I totally missed out on some super sweet shoes.